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personnal talk

kay speaking 'bout myself for the first time here. me and myself, not related w/ arashi or else... well... as my whole life is devoted to arashi it's smthg like weird XD

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French fanlist

hey minna! how have you been lately???
yesterday i've read (like a lot of you i guess XD) the translation of nyanchan where the boys are something like speaking about "why not a show in Paris" and goofing around XD
since I'm french i wanted to know how many people in my country were part of the fandom in order to send this number to the boys *hope there will be at least 700 people!! ^^"* and showing them their popularity here ^^
i got a french blog which is a bit visited so I started doing a fanlist there and i just want to pass the information.
i would like to send the email w/ the number not to late so i've put a deadline on the 3rd of February. So... as i know a lot of french fans don't go on french sites i'll just pass the information on one or two community, just to tell (in order to gather people XDDD).
if someone already done a french fanlist (which i didin't find on google) please tell me :)
here you are

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anthalie come back= cracky stuff obviously XD

hello minna! sorry to have been away for SOOOOOOO long, i know my flist have diminued since the last time ^^ but for the few that least till the end, i'm sorry ^^
so i come back, with cracky stuff of course.
any of you watched the last arashi no shukudai kun? no? yes? even if you have watched it i hope this will make you laugh.
at least it makes ME laugh XD
it's the result of my ill and tired mind /!\WARNING/!\ not really safe XD

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anooo~~~~ ^-^"

anthalie9 is a radioactive squirrel!!



WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? any idea minna? XDD

HII~~~~ *waves to all the new friends i have* I'M A RADIOACTIVE SQUIRREL AND I LIKE ALL MY NEW FRIENDS!! AND OLDS TOO ^W^
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MOUAHAHAHAHAHAH!! another crazy test! XD
i love those tests XD makes you feel like someone special!! XD
this one is in french... sorry for my english friends ^^"
basically it helps you to determine which hero you are...
and i'm...
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FLH fancam... enjoy gals! ^~^

hi it's me again :)
i've found this vid of Calvin, Aaron (i prefer to arron XD) and wu zhun performing in a live. it's short and i'm kind of deceive by the performance... those guys really need to learn dancing it would be so great!!! they don't have even a choreography :( but i love the songs (Ai Dao and the one with Hebe, seeing wu zhun singing hebe's part is *lov* XD) and well... it's FEI LUN HAIN afterall!! XD~~~~ they just need to look a bit on janniz perf and it would be perfect XD i think it's part of their Hong Kong live since Jiro is not there but i'm just too new to the fandom to really know :)
so here ya go girls!! enjoy :)S.S/MU/YSI